Music: Off-the-Shelf Mixes

Below you will find several ready-made compilations that you can license "as is".

Modifications to the Off-The-Shelf mixes (e.g. speed up, slow down, change lengths, swap songs, etc) are possible. Note that any modifications require an editing fee.

Cat # Mix Title BPM Description Length Download
OTS001 Soul Control 100 When the need is smooth, slow and steady 60 minutes Download
OTS002 Granite Groove 125 Want to move to a solid groove? 60 minutes Download
OTS003 Sweat Factor 130 Time to get 'em drenched 60 minutes Download
OTS004 Club Uppercut 135 Driving dance floor power for max energy 60 minutes Download
OTS005 Zenisphere -- Deep and "centered" atmospheric vibes 60 minutes Download

Coming soon: '6 Pack Attack' (30 minute Abs mix)

Have a request for additional Off-The-Shelf mixes? Tell us what you'd like; contact us now.

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