Get Started

Step 1. Choose Your Mix Type: Custom or Off-The-Shelf?

We recommend the Custom Mix option for a number of reasons. Like a tailor-made suit or dress, a Custom Mix is made to fit your video's exercise routine and your taste impeccably.

If you are short on time or budget, we also offer several Off-The-Shelf mixes that can be licensed "as is".

Step 2. Choose Your Music

If you would like a Custom Mix, you can choose your tracks here.

Or to save time and benefit from our expert touch, we can choose the tracks for you! Just indicate you would prefer this option on the Order Form.

If you would like an "Off-The-Shelf" mix, you can choose your mix here.

Step 3. Give Your Music a "Spin" (Optional)

We provide 2 minute long "listening clips" of every song and Off-The-Shelf mix. You can hear them on our website and even download to "test out" the music before you order.

Tip: Download the listening clips of your desired songs and drag them into an iTunes playlist. From there, you can arrange them in the order you prefer.

You can also burn them on to a CD or sync them to your iPod to "try out" the tracks with your exercise routine / choreography.

Step 4. Order Your Music Mix and Your License

Once you've completed Steps 1 - 3 above (with 3 being optional), you're ready to order your music and your license.

To find out more about how our music licensing works, visit our How It Works page here.

Please contact us with any questions on the above steps.

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