Pilates, Warm Up, etc.
# Song Title BPM
L001 Sway 120
L002 To Azuka Osis 120
L003 Crazy About You (MJ Remix) 120
L004 Sax Over Miami (JVM Mix) 120
L005 U Got The Love (LR Mix) 120
L006 El Gordo 120
L007 Out 120
L008 Underground 120
L009 African Cry (OI Mix) 120
L010 As One 120


Conditioning, Cardio, etc.
# Song Title BPM
M001 Zoo 128
M002 What About You (VKSI Mix) 128
M003 What You Need Is Love (MFR Dub) 128
M004 Alegria Musical (M Mix) 128
M005 Fresh 128
M006 Ocean Fly 128
M007 Grand Piano 128
M008 U Got The Love (NM Dub) 128
M009 I Want It (HMD Dub) 128
M010 Come Back Tomorrow (OSVR Mix) 128


Kickboxing, Boot Camp, etc.
# Song Title BPM
H001 DJ At Work (C Mix) 135
H002 Ghetto (JRC Mix) 135
H003 Disco Star 135
H004 Carl Gets His Groove Back 135
H005 Anger Management 135
H006 Obsecion (OB Mix) 135
H007 212 Life 135
H008 Ghetto (AR Mix) 135
H009 NRG 135
H010 Shout It Out (CBJRN Mix) 135

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